About Us

EPYC Pty Ltd is an Australian renewable energy company based in North Sydney.

Our primary focus is the development of wind farm projects, applying our specialist expertise to harness the extensive renewable energy resources available in Australia to produce clean energy for a better and healthier environment.

The EPYC management team comprises of renewable energy experts whose experience encompasses a broad range of wind farm projects on a national and international basis. Our team of local engineers and experts is at the forefront of the industry.

Our approach involves identifying areas with adequate wind resources suitable for wind farm development, then undertaking all necessary investigations required for a successful project in collaboration with all relevant authorities, local communities and other stakeholders.

EPYC is currently progressing the proposed $300 million Jupiter Wind Farm project in the NSW Southern Tablelands, which has been recognised as a State Significant Development for its economic, social and environmental importance.

We continue to investigate new opportunities on a national basis and look forward to expanding our renewable energy operations in Australia in the future.

EPYC is a corporate member of the Clean Energy Council (CEC).